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“When I say “multimedia producer” I mean it.  I can produce just about anything given the skills and resources I have developed over the past 20 years.”  

Justin Hafford is originally from Maine, is a first generation college graduate, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Multimedia Design and Production, and Masters Degree (concentration in New Media) all from The University of Maine.

He began his professional career as a self employed freelance designer serving local clients such as Governor’s Restaurant and Trimark of Maine, and then moved to California to work at NASA Ames Research Center.   At NASA he worked with scientists to develop web sites for their various missions and projects. Justin returned to Maine in 1998, and began employment with The University of Maine as an Instructional Multimedia Specialist. He was charged with launching professional services at UMaine that focused on the new area of Online Education.

Justin’s most recent efforts include  producing programming on a 100k+ subscriber youtube channel called Social Paintball, producing local television ads, exploring photographic techniques, and he is working with the latest new technologies (i.e 3d printing, CNC, Lasers..lasers are so cool)  at the New Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center  at UMaine.

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